Migrate FAQ between Canvas, East and Core Impact

- Which framework to choose? -If you want commercial with better support - we recommend Core-Impact. If you need affordabilty - East is fine.

- Which packages to choose? -The area should fit yor needs: e.g. for general IT - ZDA,ExCraft Pro or VulnDJ (ordered by price decrease). Also keep in mind that you will need to purchase Core Impact or Canvas license. while East is open-source.

What is exploit module in the pack? Is it malware or virus like ?
-NO, exploit module is Not the malicious code. It cannot harm your system and actually can not be launched anywhere outside pentest Framework. It is used only to check vulnerabilities during pentest "exist/orNotExist".

Is there a correlation between Gleg, ExCraft and East vulns packs and updates?
-Yep. We are trying to make most uptodate vuln info available for each framework. Please check correlation table in Docs

How to buy?
- For how to buy information - refer here

How many vulns are in packs. updates?
- Packages contains hundreds of modules or PoCs and quarterly updated with ~5-10 modules

Can I receive actual vulns list?
-Yep. upon query from your valid commercial email address

License terms?
- East framework is artistic GNU, commercial packs are propriatary licensed

Tutorials and docs ?
Some learning videos are on youtube etc. e.g. tech descr - Download Tech Descr

*: East Framework and packages are provided without country restrictions
Note: Due to recent World changes some countries have problems purchasing Canvas license.
We have switched to cross platform service model.