About us

GLEG Ltd. is a Moscow based small security firm, which is developing exploit packages: SCADA+ pack, Agora pack, DefPack, MedPack and contributing or heading external projects
We have been working in the field of security since 2004,
and since 2005 we are involved in the exploit pack development for Canvas.

Currently our Exploit Packages, are sold to our clients among Fortune 500 as well as medium-sized companies and freelancers.

The history:
The Agora Pack was released by GLEG research team in the beginning of 2008.
The Pack is a successor of Argeniss ultimate 0day pack, which was developed since 2006 and acquired by GLEG in 2008. More than 50 database modules contained in Argeniss pack were redesigned and included to Agora.

In 2011 we have started to maintain separate pack targeting ICS - SCADA+ pack which is one of the biggest on the market by now and contains hundreds of [0Day] ICS modules !
In 2014 we have released MedPack.
In 2015 we have released DefPack and started vulnerabilities sharing program which has resulted in the development of several 3dparty packages based on our modules.